May 31st, 2014

America! Baby! Summer! Money!

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17 Weeks SmallWe’re coming at ya America! Here’s our summer itinerary:

  • June 19 – 23 | New York City
  • June 24 – July 1 | Colorado
  • July 2 – 9 | Texas
  • July 10 – August 5 | Arkansas
  • August 6 – 13 | Oklahoma
  • August 14 | Return to Germany

We want to meet with whomever we can. So, if you would like to see us, or see the baby belly—let us know!

Taxes, Budget, and Planning for the Baby

Because our budget is based on the size of our family, having a baby means an increase in our needed support. What with the new budget, changes in the exchange rate, and normal support fluctuations, we need to raise at least $1,100 more per month. In order to be fully funded for the new baby, we need to raise $1,800 more per month. We were hoping to have a relaxed summer, minimally focused on support raising, but we’re certainly willing to raise more money for our wee baby!

This year, we are paying five years (2010-2014) of German taxes! That’s about $15,000! Fortunately, God has provided for these needs through our savings, the (fabulous) generosity of family, and our regular monthly support. We still need to pay our 2013 taxes, which will total around €2,400, and have begun making prepayments for our 2014 taxes.

With baby costs, taxes, summer travel expenses, and our increased support needs, we’ve felt a bit overwhelmed. We know, though, that God is not surprised by any of these circumstances. He knew five years of tax bills would arrive at once. He certainly knew we would be pregnant now. He knew that we’d have a timely trip to the States planned. We are trusting him to, once again, do what seems overwhelming to us. He is good and faithful. He has always met our needs. We are expectant to see how he will continue to do so!

Prayer Please!

  • Finances – We need to have our new support amount raised by August 14.
  • Pregnancy Health – Baby is 17 weeks along! Both Mama and babe are doing well, though Dani did pass out this week due to low blood-pressure. Fortunately, she was at the pharmacy at the time. If you’re going to pass out, do it at a German pharmacy. Pray that both Dani and baby remain healthy throughout our demanding summer travel schedule. We will be returning to Germany when Dani is 27 weeks pregnant.
  • Future Plans – We are still praying and thinking about whether to move to England with TeachBeyond.

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