September 16th, 2009

Felin, the Wonder Cat


Felin, the Wonder Cat

I think one of the hardest things about moving to Germany will be leaving behind our cat, Felin (pronounced Fa-LEAN). We got Felin from a shelter in April. Israel thought she was the coolest cat he’d ever seen. I thought he was weird. But he wasn’t, he was right. She is the coolest cat. Ever.

In the past six months, she’s become my little companion. What will I do without her? Sniff.

Would you like to live with the coolest cat ever? She needs a good home. Preferably one with lots of treats. Felin is declawed in her front paws and probably wouldn’t survive as a full-time outdoor cat. Though, we’ve been letting her outside a bit lately, and I think we’ve created a door-dasher. She’s a Siamese mix, so she might not do well with other cats, but we really have no idea.*

Here are some awesome things about Felin, the Wonder Cat.

  • At five o’clock every morning she plops down on my chest and purrs while I scratch her head and fall back asleep.
  • When I whistle, she comes running, even though my whistle is barely audible. I think she’s part dog…
  • Every time she hears me walking in the kitchen, she runs in, meows, purrs and rubs against my legs to beg me to, please, give her a dollop of that yummy canned cat food. Then she will stretch her little paws up toward the counter top to demonstrate how much she’d love some.
  • Felin will happily stand on her hind legs, give a high five, kiss my nose or turn in a circle to get a treat. Do you know any other cat that will do that?
  • Felin’s favorite toys are cheap. Really cheap. We just wad up taffy or cough drop wrappers and toss them to her. Months of fun. She also loves to eat rubber bands. Yum.
  • Felin is very organized. When we leave our sock drawer open at night, all of our fuzzy socks are lined up in a row on the floor in the morning.
  • She knows how to take down those pesky things called feet. Because she’s ferocious like that.
  • If we leave any glasses full of liquid sitting around, she happily pulls them over for us. She knows we prefer the water all over the table. Doesn’t everyone?

I mean really, how could you resist this face?

*I checked the info sheet from the shelter where we got Felin. She’s good with kids and other pets, so she’s pretty much the perfect cat.

4 Responses to “Felin, the Wonder Cat”


  • Israel says:

    We are going to miss you Felin. 😥 I wish we could take you with us.

  • Lindsay chapman says:

    I’m not a huge cat fan, but you’ve made me fall in LOVE with Felin… If I didn’t already have a spoiled chihuahua, I’d love to have her!!! Good luck finding this precious angel a home! Also, good luck to both of you in Germany!

  • She has a wonderful personality. One of my cats Turvey does something unusual, she can open a door by jumping on the door handle until the door opens. She knows exactly what she is doing and gives me heart failure many times, but I love her!

  • I wish we could take her… I will pray. We have a Border Collie, a 3 year old male cat Lynx and now, as of 4 weeks ago when someone dumped an approximately 6 week old kitten and a Boykin Spaniel puppy that was a month or two old. One of our neighbors took the puppy. She was sweet and you could tell – already loyal to this person who decided to dump her in our upscale country neighborhood. 🙁 The kitten is with us and our other cat would kill her if he could… so he stays outside most of the time.
    I will pray for a home with lots of love and a home that has recently been bereaved of their companion – cat or human.
    Hugs… sorry you have to leave him behind… 🙁 May God bless this adoption process.