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Partner with us in loving missionary kids

We Need You

We cannot get to Germany without your help. We do not receive any payment from Black Forest Academy. All of our financial support comes from people who want to join us in ministering to missionary kids.

The amount we need to receive each month is $5,373. This money covers our living, vehicle, travel to/from the US, insurance, retirement and more.

Our  Immediate Need

We’ve been at Black Forest Academy for two years and are planning to go back for another three-year term. As part of our ministry to missionary families, all of the staff at Black Forest Academy raise their own support. This helps keep the costs as low as possible for missionary families. We’ve spent the summer raising financial support among our family and friends, but still need to raise about $1000 per month.

You can help

Would you pray about partnering with us and Jesus in loving missionary kids? Your support would not only help the students of Black Forest Academy know Jesus’ love for them, but would support missionary work all across the world. BFA families minister in over 50 countries. Together we can provide love, support and encouragement to hundreds of missionary families.

We are hoping to head back to Germany by August 20th. In order to do that though, we must raise at least $600 more per month. We would greatly appreciate you considering joining our support team.

If you would like to become a monthly supporter or make a one-time donation, simply fill out and mail in this form. It’s that simple. Or if you would rather give online you can through TeachBeyond (just mention Israel and Dani Jernigan in the Missionary Name field..

We cannot adequately express our gratitude. We’re so thankful that you believe in what God is doing through us enough to give.

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Monthly Support Raised