November 21st, 2010

Here’s a Bit About What I’ve Been Doing


Here's a Bit About What I've Been Doing

Job Title: Communications Supervisor

Definition: One who works on the website.
My Interpretation: Communicating about BFA to the world outside of BFA.

Expounding Upon My Role

I honestly have been working primarily on the website. But not in the way most would perceive. Within the first month of the school year I came up with a 35+ page brief about how the school could improve their web presence. I came up with this goal.

To create a dynamic website that enables the specific audiences that we are trying to reach to find and use content that is focused for them personally and for their ease-of-use. BFA’s website is not just text on a sheet. The website needs to become a reliable resource and a secure environment for parents, staff—new and returning—and students to share in the experience that is BFA. Our vision for BFA needs to be clear and communicate that we are a school that prides itself on excellence and moral standards; not just as an international school, but also in our brand—our face—to the outside world.

The website has been my primary focus. After writing that brief I was able to spend a half-day brainstorming/way-too-short meeting with the main directors of the school. We spent time pouring over the main points of the brief, and exploring the different areas that each division wanted to focus on. It was great for me to be a part of that meeting. At that point I hadn’t grasped the feel/story/vibe of BFA. So it was very helpful for me to be a part of that meeting. I’ve been busy working on the website and expect to have it finished by Christmas.

So, What Else?

There are two people involved in what I have dubbed the Communications Directive. Myself and my office mate Rémy Kohler. Rémy is French/Swiss, and is a designer who has been working at the school since the semester before Dani and I got to the school. He’s great. We’ve been able to focus our talents. He’s much more of a print designer. So he’s been doing all of the print pieces up to this point. And he says I’m “new media.”

Early on I wanted to make sure that communications as a whole had a vision and a drive behind what is communicated and created. A brochure won’t by itself tell people about the school. Or a website won’t by itself be the first place people find out about the school. I want everything communicated to tell the story of BFA.

Rémy and I have come up with some great ideas and projects that we are working on to make this happen. Some of them have already been created. Like brochures focused on specific audiences, and a new website design. We are developing a BFA overview booklet, multiple types of visitor’s/parent’s packets, email templates and video projects. Some of these you will see this semester.

A Pleasant Surprise, Volleyball!

The first few weeks at the school they announced all of the staff openings and needs for all the departments. Athletics needed an assistant coach for girls’ volleyball. I hadn’t planned on having anything to do with sports. But I expressed some interest, and was able to fit it into my schedule. The volleyball season just finished with the Varsity girls winning the championship. Coaching was so much fun, and building relationships with the girls was great.

I’m not a teacher, so being able to be more involved on an almost daily basis was a good escape from work, and a great way for me to build relationships that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I hope that next year I will be able to do it again, and that I will be able to be more involved.

Photos of What I’ve Been Doing

I’ll probably try uploading some more pics of a few other things later. But for now this is just web related. If you want to see what I’ve been working on you’ll just have to wait until late November or early December when the site will hopefully be launched.

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