September 23rd, 2009

How to Pray

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How to Pray

We greatly appreciate your prayers. They make a huge difference. Here are some things you can pray for over the next week.

Support – That God will bring 100% of our support in by October.
We’re at about 14% of our monthly support or $765. Now, not everyone has told us what they will be giving and not everyone has sent in their paperwork yet. So this is not an official number. We need 80% of our support in order to book tickets, but we would prefer to have 100%. We just found out that we will be living in an apartment one town over from Kandern, where the school is. This means we’ll need a car. At 80% of our budget, all of our living expenses are covered. At 100%, a car is covered. We are still praying that God will provide our support by the beginning of October, but it will definitely take a miracle!

Last Month in Our Apartment – Should October be the last month we’re in this apartment?
We are praying about whether October should be the last month we stay in our apartment. We have to give a month’s notice when we move. So, if October is our last month, but we don’t have enough support to leave, we’ll be homeless. But, if we wait until we have our support, we might have to pay rent for a month that we aren’t here.

Money for Our Lease – $1600
I signed a year-long lease three weeks before we found out about BFA. We tried to change our lease, but they wouldn’t let us. So, in order to break our lease we will have to pay three extra months of rent, about $1,600. This will basically deplete our savings, which is definitely not ideal. So, pray that we will either not have to pay this amount or that God will provide the money for it.

Video Equipment – BFA needs video equipment
Black Forest Academy doesn’t really have any video equipment. We would love to be able to find people to donate equipment or money to buy equipment for the school. Here are the specifics that we’d like to have: two professional quality, mini-DV video cameras with all the fixings (tripods, batteries, a light kit, boom mic, lapel mic, etc.), a Mac Pro desktop computer, an external hard drive with LOTS of storage space, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Our Marriage – We don’t work well together
Pray for our marriage in general, that through this experience we’ll love each other more, grow closer together and bring more glory to God. But also pray that we’ll work well together. We tend to argue when we’re working on a creative project together—like a website, video or design project. Since we’ll pretty much be doing these kinds of projects all the time in Germany, pray that we’ll learn to communicate in a way that is encouraging and supportive to the other person. Pray that we’ll be patient.

Preparing a Place for Us – Our life in Germany
Pray that God will prepare a place for us in Germany. Pray that we’ll have great friends, a comfortable home and good relationships with the students. Pray that we’ll enjoy our jobs and excel at them. Pray that we’ll learn German quickly and feel comfortable driving a car with a standard transmission. Just pray for our adjustment in general, and that God would get things ready for us there.

Israel – Trusting God
Pray that Israel will give his worries to God. He takes very seriously his role as the provider of our family, so raising support is definitely a challenging experience for him. Pray that he will remember that God is our ultimate provider. Pray that he will not be discouraged or feel defeated. Pray that he will have time to get everything done, even though he still working a full-time job. He needs joy and peace!

Dani – Proper response to difficulties
I tend to get discouraged when things don’t go as I want them to. My habit is to withdraw and become depressed. So, pray that when things don’t go as I plan, that I will press in to God and seek his perspective. Pray that I am open to learning through my hardships and that I have a positive attitude. I don’t want to repeat my pattern of withdrawal and depression.

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  • Judah says:

    you guys are awesome! def praying!

  • joan brown says:

    Hello! From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! My son, Matt, will be back in Germany in November but is in Iraq until then. He is married with a beautiful little girl. Matt, Megan and Bella would love to know where in Germany you are. Matt will need much grace as he waits for his re-station to the states in February. He will be back here, in B.A. for Christmas and then back to Schweinfurt by January. I’d love to hear from you! Joan Brown