March 9th, 2010

Pray It Up, Dude

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Pray It Up, Dude

So, since we have 23 days remaining to raise at least $1,912, we could use your prayers. Here’s some stuff you can lift up to Jesus on our behalf.

An Abundance of Support – In order to have enough support to leave for Germany in April, we need to raise 1.5% of our monthly amount per day. That’s about $80 a day to reach 80% of our budget. In order to reach 100% of our budget, we need to receive $130 of new support a day. That’s about 2.5%. Obviously, if we reach either of these amounts by April 1st, it will be all God. Pray for God to bring a flood of new support! We know that we’ll get to Black Forest Academy at the right time, but it would be amazing if the right time was now.

Favor – Pray that we find favor with those we meet with. We want people to connect with us, understand our vision and passion for the students at BFA, and want to support us. Ask God to give us favor with everyone we call and meet.

Appointments – Pray that the remaining 23 days of our support raising will be packed with appointments! We’re heading to Texas on Thursday and want to meet with as many people as possible.

Glory to God – Pray that through all of our calls and meetings and highs and lows, God is glorified. Sometimes it’s difficult to see how God could receive the glory when we are feeling discouraged and defeated, but we want him to be praised and honored even in our discouragement.

Preparation for Life in Germany – Pray that God will continue to prepare the way for us to get to Germany and then make a life there. We want our support to come in quickly, our travels to be easy, and our adjustment to BFA to be quick. Pray for an apartment in Kandern, the town where the school is. Pray that we’re able to connect with the staff and students. Pray that we make new friends, find a church and learn German quickly. If we do arrive in April, we know that our transition will probably be more difficult than the normal new staff person. We will be arriving mid-year, we will miss the formal orientation and we’ll barely get to know the students before they leave for the summer. It could be a difficult time, but we’d like it to be wonderful. Pray also for our summer; most BFA staff leave for at least one month of the summer, so we could be rather lonely.

Thanks friends! We’re glad to have you in our lives.

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  • Jonathan says:

    We are standing with you in prayer believing that God is worthy of our trust. You have brought encouragement to us and we pray for that same renewing encouragement and favor would “drench” you guys. Safe travels! Godspeed.