November 10th, 2012

Send Us a Package!

People often ask us what things we need in Germany. Honestly, there’s not much that we can’t get here, but if you’d like to send us a package, there are definitely some things we’d be thrilled to receive.

Easy and Versatile Gifts

  • Paypal – Give us money to spend online, use for practical things, or spend on something fun. Send to
  • iTunes Email Gift Certificate – For buying movies, music and TV shows. Most American media isn’t available in Germany.
  • Kindle Gift Card – So that Dani can buy books on her Kindle.

To Send in a Package

  • Dani’s Amazon Wishlist – Dani’s personal and BFA wishlist.
  • Israel’s Amazon Wishlist – Several categories of wishlists for Israel.
  • – If you can navigate the German, mail us a game from Germany. It’s much cheaper!
  • American Candy – Dani always enjoys receiving American candy to share with students. Anything that’s individually wrapped is perfect.
  • Mexican Food – Salsa, green enchilada sauce, green chiles, seasoning packets, refried beans, tortillas, jalapenos, and green tabasco sauce.
  • Brownie Mixes
  • Blank cards and Stationery – For writing to students, supporters, and friends.

Tips for Shipping to Germany

  • Address the package like this:
    • Israel and Dani Jernigan
    • Burgunderstrasse 7
    • 79400 Kandern
    • Germany
  • It’s best if you hand-write the labels and use a home address, rather than a business address.
  • On the customs form, please list all of the individual items and write “Unsolicited gifts not for resale or other purpose.”
  • If the value of your package is less than 45 Euro, we should have no trouble receiving it. If it is more than 45 Euro, we will likely pay a duty fee of 20%, and perhaps need to drive 45 minutes away in order to pick it up. Something to keep in mind.
  • It can take a month for packages shipped from the US to arrive.
  • Please do not send medicine, vitamins, coffee or tea. These items will likely be confiscated.
  • Mailing a package to Germany is quite expensive. Often, the shipping will cost more than the contents of the package. If you’d like to get us something without having to pay for shipping, try an e-giftcard or use (see list above).