November 16th, 2009

So, It’s November, An Update

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So, It's November, An Update

Many of you are probably wondering whether we’ll be departing for Germany soon. Our goal has been to leave for BFA in October, and since it’s mid-way through November, you might be wondering where are we in all with all of this Germany business. In five words or less, we’re in Arkansas.

Right now, we have 20% of our support, which is the same amount we had at the end of September. 20% is actually a great amount to have after only a month or two of support raising, but it’s not great enough to get us to Germany right now. We need 80% of our monthly support in order to book tickets for Germany (are you tired of hearing me say that?), so we still need to raise 60% of our monthly support before we can make plans to head to Germany.

Obviously, we’re not ready to pack our bags at this point. We were hoping to be ready in October because BFA asked us to come as soon as we could. We also want to have as much time as possible with the students at BFA. Our situation is a little different from the normal missionary. Most missionaries raise support in 3/6/12/25 months and then leave for the field. Their ministries begin once they arrive. Our ministry is already happening. BFA is already in session. Students leave for Christmas in December. In June, the school year is over. Every day, we are literally loosing time with the students there.  Which makes me so sad! Sniff. Sniff.

So, what’s our plan now?

We’re hoping to be at BFA the first week of January. Since my birthday is January 4th, I think this would be an excellent birthday present. Excellent! Anyway, there are several new BFA staffers coming in January. If we’re there in January (pray we are!), we’ll all be able to participate in a mini-orientation and get acclimated with all the other new staff members. We’d also be coming in at the beginning of a new semester, which is probably better than trying to figure everything out mid-way through.

This month, we’re planning to be intentional and bold in our support raising. We want to make lots of calls (or send a lot of emails, since I kind of hate the phone), follow up with people who’ve committed to praying about supporting us, and pursue any avenue we can to find the people God has chosen for our support team.

This weekend, we had the Buy-Our-Stuff Sale to get rid of most of our possessions. We sold a good amount of stuff, but will probably have another sale this coming Saturday. We bought out of our lease at the beginning of November, so this is our last month in this apartment. For December, we plan to live with a couple from our church. Hopefully, we’ll only be there for a month. But, since we still need to raise $3,250 per month, we might be there a bit longer.

If we aren’t ready to head to Germany in January or February, we’ll probably plan to leave in August, for the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year. This is not what we’d prefer, but we know that God will get us to BFA at the exact right time.

So, that’s where we are now. We’re learning so much through this process. We’re definitely being stretched and challenged in our faith. To those of you who are giving and praying for us, thank you. We’re so glad that you’ve decided to join us on this journey. It really is amazing to have people come alongside us. I think all of this support stuff makes it clear just how cool this Body of Christ thing really is.

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