April 8th, 2011

Spring Has Sprung


Today is the last day of school until April 27th. Tonight we begin two and half glorious weeks of Spring Break. Happy sigh.

The entire BFA community is pretty excited about this, let me tell you. Not only are all the students heading home to see their families (Family!) and to return to the place they love, but 88 students and leaders are going on Mission Trips. We have five trips heading to Africa, Eastern Europe and East Asia. There was a trip going to the Middle East but it was canceled due to unrest there. These students and leaders will be doing construction, evangelizing, working with orphans, teaching and more.

I’m not looking forward to Spring Break because we’re going on a mission trip (we decided not to lead one this year), or visiting Italy or any other such thing. I’m looking forward to Spring Break because it’s a break—a wonderful, glorious, two week long break. Thank you Jesus!

I’ve been looking forward to this break so very much (as if you couldn’t tell). People keep asking us where we’re going over break, and I say “nowhere” with a big, toothy smile.

Rest = Goodness

I realized recently that with the pregnancies, miscarriages and resulting emotional roller coaster, I still don’t feel settled here. It seems that every few weeks some major event rocks my little world so much that I don’t have the time, energy, or normalcy to get used to life in Germany and at BFA. For example, going to the grocery store still frequently stresses me out, my house is rarely clean, and I still get overwhelmed by every new thing. I know many of the other first-year staff members are experiencing the same things, but I feel a little behind the adjustment curve.

We have yet to have a rest in Germany. We had Christmas Break, but with family visiting and then going to Turkey, it wasn’t restful in the way we needed it to be.

I firmly believe that people need breaks, even missionaries. BFA life is crazy. There is always something to do: a soccer game, a play, a small group, a student, a project…. It’s wonderful, but it’s also exhausting. We could literally fill up all of our time. Yes, our time would be full of worthwhile things, but we’d be too busy to be effective at any of them.

I’m looking forward to this break because I need to enjoy being here. I need some time to stop merely making it through the day, and to actually look forward to things again. The past few weeks, when girls come in to see me, I often have trouble having a conversation or staying focused. Sometimes I’m just so tired! I know this is all some combination of cultural adjustment and grief, but it’s frustrating and it makes me feel so ineffective.

My hope is that, when we return from break, I’ll be more present. I want to be able to soak up the last few weeks of school with these students. There are Seniors graduating who I’ll sorely miss. My small group girls will be leaving for the summer. The end of the year is quickly approaching and I want to value what’s left of it.


If you would be so kind, could you pray for a few things over the next few days?

Pray for:

  • Safe travel for students, staff and mission trips. Many people are traveling even as I post this.
  • For God to work through the mission trips, both in the teams and in the communities where they are serving
  • For rest and rejuvenation, both for ourselves and for the rest of the BFA community
  • Israel happened to roll his ankle quite badly yesterday morning. Please pray that his ankle heals quickly so he’s not confined to the house the whole break.

Since we’re pretty free over break, we’ll have lots of time to SKYPE! Let us know if you’d like to schedule a Skype date sometime before Easter. We’re skyping with our community group in Arkansas on Tuesday. So excited!

4 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung”


  • Glory says:

    I am so glad you guys get a rest. Tell Israel to be patient with his healing and try to not rush it. Dani, take time for yourself and enjoy it! I am happy for you both and so proud of you. We will skype soon…I will keep an eye out for you on Skype…I love you both!

  • Diane Kraines says:

    Hi Dani and Israel,
    As Russ and I sat on our balcony watching the hills and the Spring “springing” here in the Black Forest, I was thinking- “we need a break- a time to rest and enjoy this lovely weather”.  However, Russ and I and three other staff are leading the trip to southeast Asia with 17 BFA students. Thanks for your prayers for all the M-trips!

    Enjoy your break!

    Diane, for Russ too

  • So glad you guys are getting to just “be”. Sometimes those are the best…So sorry to hear and see Israel’s ankle. Please keep up informed. We are all praying for a quick recovery.
    Love you so much! Mom

  • Emily says:

    And CG LOVED Skyping with you on Tuesday. Thanks again for staying up late to talk with us. 🙂