August 15th, 2009

Talking up a storm

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Talking up a storm

So, the last two weeks have been full of applications, reading and interviews. I’ve been kind of overwhelmed at how busy I’ve been at night, simply filling out paper work. It’s definitely something that I didn’t expect to be as difficult as it has been.

I’m not accustomed to writing or talking about my thoughts as much as the last week has required. It’s been a challenge for me to relax and find rest, when I’ve spent my daily allotment of words in only a few hours.

It’s been a great experience though, having to write out my thoughts about Germany, why I believe what I believe, or what I have interests in. I think everyone needs to figure that out every few years. It’s refreshing and a great learning experience. I certainly have had to learn a little more than expected about my own self, before I could even begin to write about it.

I’m not a writer by any means, and communication is not my strong suit. So this application process has been a good and tiresome road for me. But I’m learning a lot about myself, and about my relationship with God. I’m learning that if this is going to happen it has to be a God thing. I’m realizing more and more that God wants me to seek his provision, not my own.

Lord, help me to follow your directions. To follow the ways that you open for me, and for this journey Dani and I are taking. May my desires not overshadow my faithfulness to your commands. I pray that I faithfully seek you and seek your word, so that I may better trust in your provision.
exodus 16:13-17

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