July 9th, 2010

That They May Know Him Better

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That They may Know Him Better

Since we began this journey 12 months ago, I’ve run the gamut of emotions. I’ve recounted my emotional journey many times since August, so feel free look back if you’ve forgotten. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of documenting our lives (and especially my emotional life), but I haven’t done a very good job of sharing what’s been the driving force behind this drastic life-change, and what has been on my mind every day of these last 12 months.

On July 24th of last year, I received an email from my friend Pam, inviting us to join her at Black Forest Academy for a week. I had never heard of Black Forest Academy and, being the researcher that I am, found the website. I spent the next four or five hours sitting on my bed, devouring every piece of information I could find about BFA. I’m pretty sure that by the time Israel got home later that evening, I’d even blog-stalked several staff people. Basically, I fell in love with BFA from the moment I visited their website. What kept me arrested and what captured my heart wasn’t the excitement, or the opportunity to travel back to Germany, or the even the possibility of doing something fulfilling (though those were all appealing), what made my heart leap was the students. Black Forest Academy is a boarding school for missionary kids. 90% of the 350 students are the children of missionaries.

While at Orientation a few weeks ago, I heard the story of my new friend Anne, and have been reflecting on it ever since. Anne attended BFA as a boarding student for three years during high school. Here’s the short version of her story. One night, she asked her RA why God had taken her away from her home and family to come live with a bunch of MKs. Her RA said, “Because He loves you Anne,” and that statement changed Anne’s life. This story gave voice to the burning passion and hope of my heart—that Jesus would use my life to say to BFA’s students, I love you.

I haven’t shared this in the blog, but in September, I was assigned a small group of seven sophomore girls. Their small group leader was leaving, and, since we thought we would be arriving soon, I was to take over. Since September, I’ve been able to get to know these young women through Facebook, and I love them. Even though I’ve never met them, and have no idea if I’ll understand their stories, or even if I’ll ever lead their small group, they’ve taken up residence in my heart. God placed these girls in my life so that he could increase my love for the students of BFA. These students have sacrificed security, stability, a sense of home, and often aspects of their family, for a calling that wasn’t even theirs.

Israel and I are being sent to be Jesus to these kids, who, though they know many facts about Jesus, might not believe that he delights in them. We’ve been given a great opportunity. We have the privilege of loving the children of people who have taken up a mighty calling. We have the joy of loving students who Jesus deeply cares for, students who have spent their lives telling others about the love of Jesus, but perhaps have never believed it themselves.

I’m doing a poor job of expressing the deep conviction that has grown in my heart, but I think what I want you to know is that these kids are worth it. Just as much as any people group across the globe, they deserve to have someone go on their behalf, that they might know their Creator. Thank you for allowing us to go. Thank you for funding us and sending us out. Thank you for taking up this quest with us, for saying that these kids are important too. I am deeply honored.

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  • Oh Dani. This was a lovely post. Actually choked me up a bit. I’m so excited for you. If you have a free moment, let’s try to talk for at least a couple minutes before you leave the country. I love you friend!