May 2nd, 2010

The HashBrown Wedding


Hannah Jernigan married Ashley Brown on April 3rd, 2010 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It was a Hash-Brown Wedding. Get it? Get it?! Just in case you don’t, Hannah + Ash Brown = Hash Brown.

We spent several lovely days hanging out with the family in Oklahoma. There were quite a few Aussie’s there. Apparently in Australia, you spell it Auzzie, but in America you spell it Aussie. Anyway, we got to hang out with Ash, his parents, his best childhood friend Johnny and his wife Kareta, and Ash’s other groomsman Byron and his girlfriend Karina. In case you missed it, that was Kareta and Karina. Not at all confusing. Anyway, it was lovely getting to know these folks.

Here are a few interesting things we learned.

  1. Aussies/Auzzies put beets on their hamburgers. They also butter the buns. Not sure if that was the inside or outside of the bun.
  2. Even though we technically speak the same language, we have trouble communicating. Johnny in particular is rather difficult to understand. Apparently, Johnny’s Australian accent is rather like our Southern accent. So between our southern accents and his, I had to ask Johnny to repeat himself quite a bit. A few word translations from Auzzie to American. I must admit that some of these I looked up online, because I couldn’t remember them all…
    • nappy – diaper
    • sheila – mom/woman
    • cuppa – cup of coffee
    • biscuit – cookies
    • arvo – afternoon
    • bonnet – hood of the car
    • boot – trunk of the car
    • chook – chicken
    • lolly – candy
    • lolly water – soda
    • jumper – sweater
    • have a yarn – talk to someone
    • Good Onya – good for you, yeah, etc
    • Oz – Australia
    • reckon – think
    • ring – phone
    • snag – sausage
  3. A mud-map is a map that you draw on random pieces of paper, in the dirt, etc. Israel just told me this. Apparently I missed the mud-map. Israel is very excited about the mud-maps.
  4. Everything is much more expensive in Australia. For example, apparently it costs at least $30 for one person to eat out at a restaurant. However, you also get paid a lot more, like $20 a hour, to start.
  5. Things are much bigger and sweeter in the US than they are in Australia. That’s why we’re all fat. We went to P.F. Changs one night, and the dessert tray was displayed. The Aussies kept saying, “But you don’t really get all of that dessert do you?” Yes, you really get the whole Great Wall of Chocolate. For only $5. It’s only 1,883 calories. Come to America. Become obese with us.

Okay, enough of the America/Australia comparisons.

While we were in Muskogee we shot guns (a very Oklahoma thing to do), sat in the hot tub for far too long, had a hen and stag night (bachelor and bachelorette party), went to Tulsa far too many times, stayed up way too late, and drank too much coffee. We also took the Aussies to all of the great spots in Muskogee. Like Walmart. And the mall. Very exciting. One day, while we were in Tulsa, we even went to the Center of the Universe. Really. It’s on Google.

Unlike my wedding weekend, which was absolutely crazy because my sister and I decided to get married on the same weekend, two days apart, in two different cities, Hannah’s wedding weekend was wonderfully relaxed and enjoyable. We were able to take our time, enjoy each other’s company and really savor everything. I loved it.

The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt. The reception was fun and flew by. And before we knew it, the newlyweds were off to their honeymoon in Colorado, where Ash saw snow for the first time!

Hannah and Ash headed back to Australia about a week after the wedding. We have no idea when we’ll see them again, hopefully soon. Maybe they’ll take a trip to Europe, or we can make it down under.

Congratulations Hash! We’re glad your 15 month engagement is finally over! We love you and were honored to be a part of your day.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the stair fiasco. Hannah and Ash got married in a lodge that’s right down the road from the Jernigan’s home. Everything happened in this lodge—the ceremony, food prep, reception, etc. So, before the wedding, I was running a few things back and forth to the groomsmen. I had just pinned Ash’s shirt and was heading back downstairs when I learned there was a back stairway. Since the main stairway was where the ceremony was happening, I went down the kitchen stairs instead. The six inch wide kitchen stairs that had gaping spaces. In my heels. While holding two hands worth of stuff. While wearing a dress. I’m sure you can imagine what happened. My heel slipped through the back of the stairs. I fell down quite a few steps and couldn’t stop myself since my hands were full. I dropped everything I was holding—wallet, iphone, water bottle, camera. I’m pretty sure the entire kitchen staff saw more of me than they ever intended to. As I was falling I thought, I’m going to break my ankle and have to go to the hospital, and I’ll ruin Hannah’s wedding.

Fortunately I didn’t break my ankle. But it did hurt quite a bit. And my pride was severely damaged. After I managed to hobble from the kitchen, I found Israel and told him that I fell down the stairs, to which he appropriately replied, “Noooo!” Then I cried. Because my ankle hurt, and my butt hurt, and everyone saw, and I didn’t plan to fall down the stairs! The next day I had a lovely dollar sized bruise on my butt that proceeded to go through several lovely shades of purple, black, blue and yellow. How exciting.

4 Responses to “The HashBrown Wedding”


  • Josh says:

    It is amazing how much you learned about differences in Aussies and us. I like that black and white of you, it’s nice.


  • Joanna says:

    loved the blog, believing with you.

  • AnneJ says:

    Love it! You always write in a way that is so refreshing and entertaining yet educational all at the same time!

  • Devi says:

    We think about those differences between Aussies and Americanos all the time.. and when I go back to Arkansas, going to Wal Mart is one of my most FAVOURITE things ever to do..