July 31st, 2009

The Journey Begins

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The Journey Begins

Lord guide my thoughts and my heart as I seek you. Give me wisdom beyond what I’m capable of doing, and understanding to know what I should do.
james 1:9-12

I was lead to read James. I read James 1, and it touched upon some things that I am trying to decide. Currently, Dani and I are still unsure what decision(s) to make. Germany could change our lives. And so I’m struggling with all of the changes that brings. So, from James, I will start with a challenge and an encouragement.

I ask for wisdom. I feel that if I am going to ask for something, it should be that. And so I do. And it seems that James encourages that prayer. But the hard part for me is believing that it will be given. Or believing that is has been given. Wisdom isn’t easy to measure, and it usually is best revealed with time. So for me, I must pursue wisdom fervently, or be in danger of falling off this new path I’m choosing to walk.

Let me know I am making right decisions. Help guide my steps, my words, my actions. I will follow you, no more doubting or selfish ways. My heart longs to live.
james 1:22-25

Apparently I am called to live a life of pursuit, a life filled with principles beyond myself. I can not do it on my own. I know that. I’ve tried that; it doesn’t work. I guess there is some wisdom in falling down.  So, there is one thing I can use to help me along the way, to help light my feet—the word. Pure. Unadulterated. Holy. And in that pursuit there will be release, freedom.

Now I have two things I know to be true, and worth seeking, two things I know I must have to begin this journey, this metamorphosis outside the boundaries—the word and faith. I walk blindly, but these will help guide my way.

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