December 2nd, 2009

Won’t You Be My Neighbor…in Germany?


Won't You Be My Germany?

Every year, BFA has staff members that return home to the States (or Canada or wherever else home might be). The staff member might be leaving because they only made a one or two year commitment, or they might need to leave for health purposes, or they might not have enough support to remain on the field. BFA would love to have staff members stay for years and years, but that’s not always possible. So, when someone leaves, someone else needs to fill in.

Do you want to fill in? Do you have a passion for missions, or for helping Christians love Jesus more, or for Christian education? Because BFA is always in need of people who want to invest in missionary kids. And you don’t have to be a teacher. There’s pretty much a place for every kind of person with every kind of skill. I mean, we’re not teachers, and we’re going.

So, here are Black Forest Academy’s staff needs for the 2010-2011 school year.High School

Graphic Arts/Yearbook
Physical Education
Guidance Counselor
Independent Living
Industrial Arts
Applied Business

Middle School


Residence Staff

Dorm Parents (2011-2012 School Year)
Resident Assistants (6 Female, 3 Male)

Support Staff

Administrative Assistants
Discovery Therapists
Resource Room Teacher
Sound Technician

If you’d like more information about working at BFA, check out their website at FYI, the website will be getting a major overhaul once we get to Germany. You can also fill out an application request on the website or email

We’d also be more than happy to tell you everything we know about the amazingness that is BFA.

2 Responses to “Won’t You Be My Neighbor…in Germany?”


  • Lindsay says:

    Hey Israel and Dani! I thought I would pipe in! I have been following your blog for a few weeks as well as some of the others who are at BFA. I hope and am praying that you both are being encouraged in many ways on your journey of getting to BFA and that through this Christ is drawing you two closer to Him and to each other! I am sure that it is a difficult journey – full of ups and downs and lots of excitement! One day, I have no idea when, I think my husband and I will be right where you are…. getting ready to go to BFA. I have had a passion in my heart for Germany since I was in the 3rd grade and have always wanted to be a part of missions in one way or another. When I came across BFA I saw that this might just be in God’s plan for my family and me. 😉 Like I said I don’t know when….totally up to Him, but I know we are closer now than we have ever been before. My husband is currently getting his masters in Phys Ed and I am currently a stay at home mom but previously an elem teacher. 🙂 So it all kinda fits from my point of view at least. 🙂
    It is fun and hard to watch your journey! I am sure it is the same to live it out. 🙂 Know that I am praying for you and hoping you will be there sooner than later, but whatever it is… that it is His timing. 😉 Thanks for sharing. I love it!

    • Dani says:


      Thank you so much for commenting! We definitely appreciate your prayers. We also hope we get to BFA soon! It has been a hard and great journey thus far. We’re learning a lot and being challenged in ways I never expected. But, I’m enjoying it. And I’m really enjoying having something big to work toward.

      I hope your family will end up at BFA one day. I knew it was the place for us right away, and everything I’ve heard about it since has made me more excited. Maybe we’ll see you there.

      Keep praying for us and I’ll pray that God will open up the way for you to go soon.